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Agoura Village Bakery 

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Truly Great Beverages


Welcome to Agoura Villag Bakery!

What we serve here will surprise you! We have a wide selection of delicious and delightful blends of Sweets, Breads and Cakes which you can enjoy at every moment and will surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Truly Great Foods
Truly Great Pastries
Truly Great Breads


Our beautiful creations make our bakery as a special place to dine in. It’s our secret ingredient that attracts many customers in the country in even from other parts of the world.

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Mint Leaves
Whisk with Tomatoes
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Eat at the Agoura village Bakery, we believed that there are more important than profit margins. We care about our clients’ health and wellness too. Hence, the food we serve is made of healthy and quality ingredients that would fit any lifestyle.


The Art of Foods

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